August on Instagram

Today, I thought we would start the process of catching up with the last couple of months of Instagram posts.

In August we headed over the Kaimai Ranges and headed to Hamilton, where we larked about through the wonderful Hamilton Gardens.   Here you can see the munchkins in the gate to the Chinese Garden.

Hamilton Field tripLarking about.@hamiltongardens #chinesescholarsgarden #ohwailykids
And then a bit later Miss Oh Waily chose to give Miss Marilyn a huge hug when we visited the Modernist Garden.

She needs a hug! More fun @hamiltongardens #modernistgarden#missohwaily

Miss Oh then dazzled with her two-pan pancake making skills for a Sunday morning.  Yay for Practical Life skills !
Two pan Pancake Queen!#missohwaily #homeec #homeeducation #mumsfreebreakfasttime


Master Oh joined the fun when the second of multiple teeth decided to drop out.  He’s fair spitting them out of his mouth at the moment.  A third followed this, and just this week a fourth!  Thankfully the teeth coming in behind are all racing to get out as well.

Toofless boy. #2 tooth out in short succession, with a third hanging on by the thinnest of margins.#masterohwaily


With the weather beginning to improve, and our efforts to finally get some of the un-housed-from-our-move household items back into use, we put the kids’ old sandpit together and found a source of new sand for it. So what do they do? They create a mermaid.  I just love their creativity.

Ms Mermaid.Sandpit fun with MissOh and MasterOh. #creativity #sandfun #thepukekopatch


A little later in the month we needed to run an errand in Hamilton again.  This time we skipped the Gardens and headed to the Lake.  Lake Rotoroa or Hamilton Lake Domain has had a pretty massive makeover since the last time I visited, quite a few years ago now.  The kids love, love, loved the play ground and they had a blast while I sat quietly enjoying the next image from our trip.
A tough day for a day trip! And an even tougher view to look at over lunch! #thepukekopatch #daytrip #lakerotoroa #hamilton
I’ll just leave this here, shall I?  It needs no real comment, other than – “Yum !”


Devonshire tea demolition #funlunch #daytrip #msohwaily #nomnoms


Then at the end of the month on a park visit, Miss Oh wanted me to video her efforts to get in to front support. Unfortunately about the only place she had a free bar to do this was rather high up.  Be patient… she was.

Determination! ???? Strength is beautiful! ??#thepukekopatch #missohwaily

A video posted by Lynn Peake (@the_pukeko_patch) on


And on the same trip, we discovered that Master Oh’s growth spurt seems to be almost continuous. He is now able to actually touch top and bottom.

Tippy-toe balancing. #finallytallenough #masterohwaily #thepukekopatch

A video posted by Lynn Peake (@the_pukeko_patch) on


And there ends our month on Instagram.


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