The horse, and getting back on it.

Well that was the world’s shortest NaBloPoMo.  I fell off the wagon on the third day!
Oh well, I figure that I’m always telling my kids not to give up when things go a bit pear shaped, so here I am.  Keeping on going.

Sadly there is little to report on the home educating front around the Patch today.  Courtesy of a late Spring cold everyone is feeling well below par and so I caved in and let them do as they pleased.

Instead, I will share my favourite quote from our* October Quotes series.  It speaks to the core of home educating for me.  And as an ex-Anthropology graduate, I can’t possibly pass over Ms Mead’s observation.




3 thoughts on “The horse, and getting back on it.

  1. I’ve decided my NaBloPoMo challenge will be a success if I work on a blog post everyday, rather than if I publish one every day. I like to draft, leave it to sit for a day, then review it and post. So I guess I’m aiming for about 15 published posts – a big increaseon my norm of 2-4 per month.

    • Thanks.
      It’s not a great start, but who can predict when the lurgy monster will show up!
      Now to get the creativity level up too. 😀

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