Pancake Day interrupted

For those who have followed us over at Oh Waily prior to the establishment of The Pukeko Patch, you will know that amongst our family traditions we choose to have a special breakfast on Sunday mornings.  This is known as Pancake Day.

Last Pancake Day we had a bit of an in-house drama first thing in the morning.  Young Master Oh Waily and his sister were playing in the living room when a shriek was sent up and I whipped through from the dining room.  I found the lad sitting on the floor screaming the place down.  My first thought was “what’s happened?”  My second thought, when I got close enough to see his face clearly, was “MR OH WAILY, I NEED A HAND!”.  After which I dashed to the cupboard and grabbed a face cloth, hurriedly wet it and rushed back to the living room.  The two Oh Waily men were facing each other, one tending to the other.  Face cloth was duly applied to forehead and I headed off in search of the medical kit.

Blood flow staunched.  Temporary bandage and wrapping applied to small person.  My but doesn’t the head produce an awful lot of blood when cut?
Next step was to figure out – hospital A&E or after hours medical.  A quick phone call and we’re all getting dressed to head out to the medical centre.  Master Oh Waily insisted on getting out of his blood soaked pyjamas, so as it turned out we looked fairly respectable while waiting our turn to be seen.

Eventually we were taken to the “fix ’em up” room, our temporary bandage removed and a liberal dose of superglue applied to the boy’s forehead.  Naturally the stinging of the wipe and glue was not taken to kindly, but once it settled down and he had his steristrips & cover on, he was slightly subdued but fine.

On the way home, by way of compensation and treat, we purchased our pancakes from the Golden Arches.  Well, it was a treat for the kids and the parents didn’t have to think about the usual pancake production line after such an exciting* morning.

On the trip home we were finally able to get a reasonably coherent version of what had happened.  Apparently Master Oh was jumping up and down saying “Ha ha ha, you can’t catch me”, or variant, to his sister.  We’re not completely sure if as part of this he just jumped in such a way that brought his head into contact with his vicious assailant, or whether he stumbled or tripped as part of the jumping.

Either way, here is the end result of taunting your sister in a completely empty (apart from all the usual furnishings) room.  Ouchie?  Much!
Bumpy boy

His father took this a couple of moments before the doctor cleaned it up and applied the superglue.  One for the album, I think.  I just hope he doesn’t make a habit of doing this sort of thing to himself, I don’t think my heart can take it.

And, as for the vicious assailant.  Here it is, in all it’s glory.  As we understand it, Master Oh’s forehead must have connected with either one of the top two shelves of the TV stand.  As you can see, he worked wonders with very little exposed area to play with.

The offending object

* that would be a euphemism for stressful.



Welcome to the plague house that was formerly known as the Oh Waily household.

The entire family came down with a nasty winter ailment last Thursday and we have been in hibernation and recovery mode ever since.  It did not help our case that Mr Oh Waily had to continue to do work for a couple of days, which meant his cut-glass throat infection didn’t get seen to with antibiotics for a couple of days after it should have been.  He was also away from home so that meant the remaining Oh Wailys slunk their way to the living room sofa and buried themselves under layers of blankets and television in lieu of regular activities.

We are now almost back to normal.  We actually get out of bed and get dressed each day, as opposed to simply move ourselves from one style of bed to another (sofa).  We are now eating, more or less, as normal.  We are now no longer fevered, nor dependent on varying patent remedies in order to maintain the sense of feeling absolutely awful instead of feeling like we are on our deathbed.  We only cough up half a lung each day instead of turning ourselves inside out.  Sadly this nasty cough is most likely to persist for some more time as it seems to be the pattern of this ‘flu-ey thing we have had.

So, to those who have been visiting since the Neighbourhood Walk and have wondered if we really do exist, and if anyone replies to comments, the answer is a resounding Yes !  But only when we are not flat on our backs wondering if becoming vertical again is simply a dream.

That means there should shortly be a reply to anyone who has not received one, I should finally link to the remaining Neighbourhood walks that I fell too ill to do at the time, and normal transmission of our own activities should resume also.

Thank you for your patience.