I thought I would take some time to note down all of the myriad resources available to families who homeschool, or those parents who may want to supplement their children’s school experience.

Many of these come from recommendations made on various homeschooling sites, online groups, etc.  So you may find I have replicated some already available lists.

I am only starting out on this home education journey, so I do not have a lot of personal experience of the links that I am listing.  I am simply compiling a reference list for myself (and anyone who chooses to stop by The Patch) that I can access as and when I think my kids might be ready or need them.
Those that we have used or are using I will mark with an asterisk.

I will do my best to keep them in a tidy arrangement by rough topic area.  Just to save my sanity at this starting point I will use, more or less, the NZ National Curriculum Framework’s essential learning areas with a few extras added in for good measure.

Please also be aware that some of these resources are free, others are commercial and charge fees.  So, the usual disclaimer applies – check out the cost (if any) before you sign up.

The main resource that you might want to start off with is the application documents from the Ministry of Education.  Go here to download them.


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