Matching and Grading skills

A few days ago I thought I would get out some of my older Montessori inspired activities to see how Master Oh Waily would go with them.  He has been interested in puzzles for a while now, so I wondered how he would get on with grading sizes and seeing other sorts of patterns.

The first activity we tried was the arranging of images in size from largest to smallest.  He did really well and lined up all six different images and only had slight issues with one of them.

After that I pulled out our frog matching set from the freebies section of the very useful and time saving Montessori Print Shop.  He set out to do all of the sheets at once, and bar one mismatched blue frog which he fixed once he had the correct one on hand, he set about the task happily and successfully.  As you can see below.

Boy and Frogs

Boy and Frogs

So now that I can see how good he is with patterns and visual discrimination I think I will look through other old printables and similar items and see what else he may be comfortable doing until his interest in patterning and recognition wanes.

How do you help your children develop their visual discrimination skills?


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