Thought bubbleDay three of our more formal style of learning has gone well.  After everyone had eaten and dressed for the day we arranged ourselves in our makeshift schoolroom, also known as the living room, in order to hear the next story in our Classical literature journey.

I am deliberately approaching this in a gentle, easing in kind of way.  The last thing I want to do is go in heavy handed and make learning a chore instead of a joy.  So our “school” days pretty much consist of a reading from the Ancient literature, doing a bunch of drawings about the story, completing a small sheet of handwriting to help tidy up her letter formation, a snack and then whatever they want to do after that.

Not too strenuous I think.

Today Miss Oh also asked if we could play her number games, Zingo 1-2-3 and the large number cards, so we added that in too.  I really like the Zingo option as it teaches recognition of both quantity, written number and symbol in a fun format.  We even ventured into the addition side of the cards and Miss Oh did fine.
The fact that the small plastic numbers can be used to set up other mathematical operations is an added bonus.

So today’s lesson for me?

A gradual introduction of a gentle daily school rhythm is working for us already.
That shouldn’t be a surprise really, but I had visions of a more unschooling/free range style.  I’m quite intrigued to see where setting a rhythm up will take us.

Do you have any rhythms with your children that you would swear by?


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