Down time

What happens when your mojo deserts you?
How do you recharge yourself and get back on the right track?

I’d love to know what you do.  Right now I’m in a slump and I could do with some ideas and a cheerleader or two who has been here.  I understand that by the time the end of the year rolls around everyone is starting to feel the need to slow down, take a break and get back some of their energy.  I guess that this might be partly my problem.  But I think there’s a little more to my missing mojo.

This year has been host to the most time that I have had to solo parent two children* without a really good support network to let me have time off.  I don’t think a month has gone by when Mr Oh Waily hasn’t been away for at least a week of it, if not more.   As well as this, up until the end of October I was regularly running three times a week when I was hit with an injury.  Since then there has been minimal exercise carried out, a once a week weights & core routine with a PT has been it.

Adding to these external issues, is my lack of continuous forward planning.  Despite having some great tools, courtesy of Jo’s My Organised Chaos course, I have failed in recent weeks to set aside time each week for planning and getting things set out.  I have also found myself wandering away from my original Montessori leanings and focusing more on the “schoolish” formal teaching for Miss Oh Waily.

So in a nutshell here are my issues:

  1. Tired, run-down parent.
  2. Lack of implementation of planning time.
  3. Excess focus on Miss Oh Waily’s formal learning**.
  4. Not enough focus on Master Oh Waily’s learning^.

My intended solutions (so far):

  1. Start exercising again.^^  This will bring the biggest reward.
  2. Set aside a specific time each week to plan for the next week.
  3. Re-read Tim Seldin’s How to Raise an Amazing Child to remind myself of why I want this for my kids.
  4. Read the ebook Montessori At Home that I have just purchased to reinvigorate my activity creations.
  5. Find a babysitter so I can get some time off to be me and not Mum for a little while.

Now it’s down to implementation.  Any other suggestions that work for you?

* My hat goes off to those solo parents who do this all year round.  You have my complete admiration.

**  It’s a thing about her turning 5, I’m sure of it.  A little switch has gone off in my brain telling me I need to be “schooling” her now.  😦

^ He is learning by osmosis mostly at the moment.

^^  I plan to try out my achilles heel when we return from visiting family after Christmas.  If it holds up I will start back on my running.  If it shows signs of being uncooperative I will look into going swimming as an alternative.


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