They’ve arrived

Yes, the maths books I was waiting for from Singapore have finally arrived.  I was rather excited by that this morning.  So here are some photographs…

Here is my chunky little box of goodies…

It's arrived

I might have been just a little bit excited. I even took photos as we opened the box.

Open Box

I love getting books. Have I mentioned that before? I must have.  Surely.

So here are the two sets of books laid out. We will give both of them a fair trial and see which one comes out on top for keeping Miss Oh’s interest and is the easiest to use and understand. That will probably be the most difficult thing to figure out since the maths is pretty darned basic in the first half of the year – she’ll know nearly all of it and will probably whizz through the coursework books for that.  Still, I thought it best to begin at the beginning and make sure I covered all of the bases.

Shaping maths

As you can see, each set consists of one course book and two workbooks for each half of the year.

My Pals Are Here!

It will be interesting to see if the all-singing-all-dancing-all-coloured set of Shaping Maths will win out over the coloured course book and black and white work books of My Pals Are Here!

Reviews and comments will follow once we are under way with them.  In the mean time, if you have chosen to use formal instruction (in addition to real life maths learning) what did you chose and why?  Has it been working for you?


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