Book Review: Goblin at the Zoo – Victor Kelleher

GATZAnd here are the continuing woes of Gibblewort the Irish Goblin, and now a firm favourite with the Oh Waily children.

Who were the main characters & what were they like?

Miss OWW:  Gibblewort and Daisy the chimpanzee.

Can you tell us what happened in the story?

Miss OWW: Gibblewort didn’t love the chimpanzee, Daisy, but Daisy loved Gibblewort.  Gibblewort got electrocuted by an electric fence twice when he was running away from Daisy in the moat.  When Gibblewort met Daisy for the second time he fell into Daisy’s lap, then Daisy grabbed bananas and stuffed them in to Gibblewort’s mouth.

Master OWW: He fell on a rhino after elephants threw him over their fence.  He flew over another fence and landed on something soft and then he grabbed on to the horns and he sat on one and then he got thrown over another fence.  Then he landed back in the lap of the monkey and got kissed again.

What was your favourite part of the story and why?

Miss OWW:  My favourite part was him getting stuffed in the face with bananas because they are so deliciously funny.

Master OWW:  When the rhino threw him over the fence and then the buffalo threw him back.  Because he said “Am I a living yo-yo, or what?”

Rating for this book.

Miss OWW: I’ll give that one a good 4 stars.

Master OWW:  5 stars.


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